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Battery Services

CPR Batteries offers a range of maintenance and service agreements.

CPR maintains / repairs the batteries and chargers on regular bases and provides the following services:

  • Full weekly inspection of batteries and chargers.
  • Provide report of status of battery monthly.
  • Cleaning battery and charger.
  • Supply De ionized water and top up the batteries.
  • All ad-hock callouts are included in the monthly fee.
  • All connectors are included in the price (Batteries supplied by CPR).
  • Batteries are stripped and rebuilt once a year.

Ad Hoc Strip and Rebuild

Batteries are collected for a strip and rebuild on a regular basis which consist of the following:
  • The battery is collected.
  • The cells are stripped out of the tank.
  • The tank is shot blasted.
  • Thereafter, the tank is re-sprayed with acid resistant paint.
  • Acid adjustments are performed on cells.
  • A discharge is then done on all the cells in order for CPR Batteries to supply you with a full report on the status of the battery.
  • The cells are rebuilt into the tank.
  • The battery is delivered.

We offer services throughout the whole of South Africa.
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