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Best Lithium Ion Forklift Batteries in South Africa

With the inital units delivered in the second quarter of 2018, CPR Motve Power Battery Services is at the leading edge of the Lithium Ion batery revoluton in South Africa. Their expertse in this market segment eclipses any other offerings currently in the market, and with local design and manufacture, they are better positoned than anyone to properly support the product. Seemingly at a substantal premium on traditonal lead acid batteries, we now investgate why Lithium Ion batteries are the future for the forklit market.

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Advantages Of Li-Ion Over Lead Acid Batteries

Zero maintenance

No water filling or equalisation charges required

Increased safety

No acid spillage or hydrogen off-gassing or battery fire risks

No Ventilation

No special charging areas required

No Cool-Down Periods

No battery change-overs required

Long Service Life

No water filling or equalisation charges required

Rapid Opportunity Charging

24/7 availability of machines

Environmentally Friendly

Increased runtime and 10% lower electricity costs and fully recyclable

Reduced Weight and Size

Smaller machines for increased maneuverability

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Opportunity Charging in Action

Typical charge and discharge history of li-ion batteries:

Example of opportunity charging in action:

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Technical Specifications

200 Ah (10.2 kWh) 270 Ah (13.8 kWh) 360 Ah (18.4 kWh)
Equivalent lead-acid capacity 320 Ah (15.4 kWh) 450 Ah (21.6 kWh) 565 Ah (27.1 kWh)
Nominal battery voltage 51.2 V
Nominal forklift voltage 48 V
Operating temperature (discharge) -20°C to 40°C
Operating temperature (charge) 0°C to 40°C
Cycle life at usable capacity 3000 cycles
Internal Fuse Protection Yes
Battery Management Yes – with cell balancing
Enclosure Sealed IP54 steel enclosure
Battery Weight ~180 kg ~215 kg ~290 kg
Dimensions Various options to suit a variety of machines
Ballast Optional – incorporated in battery tank
Charge status display Dashboard Integration
On-board charging Optional
Charge Time ≥ 70 min
Max Charging Current 200 A 270 A 360 A

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Online Dashboard Monitoring

CPR Battery Services offers an easy to use online dashboard which can be accessed remotely at any time to monitor the status of your lithium batteries. The live reporting indicates any potential problems or hazards to the viewer so that the necessary precautions or actions can be taken.

Best Lithium Batteries in South Africa

For all your forklit battery requirements


  • Li ION Forklit Batteries
  • Lead Acid Batteries
  • High Frequency Chargers
  • Battery Monitoring Units (BMU)
  • Single Point Battery Water Filling

System (BFS)

  • Steel Battery Tanks
  • All Battery And Charger Accessories
  • De-ionised Battery Water


  • 24/7 Call Out Assistance
  • Weekly Service / Maintenance
  • Monthly Service / Maintenance
  • Battery Bay Lay-out
  • Battery Bay Attendants
  • Forklit Battery Training
  • Forklit Training


  • All jobs carried out by CPR are
    guaranteed and all faulty workmanship
    will be replaced at our costs.
    We offer a standard 4-year Pro-rata
    warranty on all batteries that are
    supplied by our approved suppliers.
  • On our standard weekly opton we
    offer a 4 year warranty, or 1200
    cycles at 80% of normal capacity C5
    on all batteries supplied by CPR Battery
  • Should a BMU (Battery Monitoring
    Unit) be fitted, we offer a 5 year warranty,
    or 1500 cycles at 80 % of
    normal capacity C5 on all batteries
    supplied by CPR Battery Services.


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